Crowdfund BBnomics, “Kickoff NYC 2015”

Put us in the searchfields under #BlackParentsLive #statebp #bpnow
Engage with us on Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Instagram. ☑ PASS THE HAT & INVEST in this Crowdfund “Kickoff NYC 2015”


❤ Register/ Embrace your #blackbusinessmatter, family reunion, class reunion, or 3 E’s related social campaign –> ☏: 225-395-1792 R/T


This is a vital event that is scheduled for 2 workshops with Professor Carl Tone Jones, Lashawn A. Muhammad/ Roundtable Discussion of this year’s 3 E’s of the Alkebulan Bloodline/ Giveaways/ Young Developers Showcase

Follow this Link to STATE OF THE BLACK PARENT Crowdfund Bbnomics: “Kickoff NYC 2015”



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